středa 11. dubna 2018

Malaysia - Malacca

Official seal of Malacca City
Malacca City  is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Malacca. ] It is the oldest Malaysian city on the Straits of Malacca, having become a successful entrepôt in the era of the Malacca Sultanate. The present-day city was founded by Parameswara, a Sumatran prince who escaped to the Malay Peninsula when Srivijaya fell to the Majapahit. Following the establishment of the Malacca Sultanate, the city drew the attention of traders from the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia, as well as the Portuguese, who intended to dominate the trade route in Asia. After Malacca was conquered by Portugal, the city became an area of conflict when the sultanates of Aceh and Johor attempted to take control from the Portuguese.
The Maritime Museum  is a museum in Melaka CityMelakaMalaysia.
The work on the museum started in early 1990 and it was officially opened to the public by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on 13 June 1994. The phase two of the museum is housed in the old Guthrie building and was opened by State Committee for Tourism, Culture and Environment Chairman Poh Ah Tiam on 23 May 1998.

středa 4. dubna 2018

Switzerland - Basel

Coat of arms of Basel
Basel is a city in northwestern Switzerland on the river Rhine.
Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet, Basel also has suburbs in France and Germany. In 2014, the Basel agglomeration was the third largest in Switzerland with a population of 537,100[4] in 74 municipalities in Switzerland and an additional 53 in neighboring countries (municipal count as of 2000).[5] The official language of Basel is (the Swiss variety of Standard) German, but the main spoken language is the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect.
View from Basel

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Laos - Vientiane

Vientiane  is the capital and largest city of Laos, on the banks of the Mekong River near the border with Thailand. Vientiane became the capital in 1563 due to fears of a Burmese invasion but was later looted then razed to the ground in 1827 by the Siamese (Thai) Vientiane was the administrative capital during French rule and, due to economic growth in recent times, is now the economic center of Laos.
Haw Phra Kaew also written as Ho PrakeoHor Pha Keo and other similar spellings, is a former temple in VientianeLaos. It is situated on Setthathirath Road, to the southeast of Wat Si Saket. It was first built in 1565 to house the Emerald Buddha, but has been rebuilt several times. The interior now houses a museum of religious art and a small shop.
Haw Phra Kaew was built in 1565–1566 on the orders of King Setthathirath after he moved the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane

LUANG PRABANG, A monk is giving sweet to a young child while her mother is busy in giving alms to a monk at early morning.

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Portugal - Felgueiras

Felgueiras Coat of Arms
Felgueiras is a Portuguese city in the District of Porto , northern region and Tâmega sub-region , located in the parish of Margaride, Várzea, Lagares, Varziela and Moure . The municipality is limited to the northern city of Fafe , northeast of Celorico de Basto , southeast of Amarante , southwest byLousada and to the northwest by Vizela and Guimarães .
Church of Saint Mammes of Vila Verde
The most ancient documents refer the existence of a Church of Saint Mammes in 1220, then integrated in the patronage of the Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro.
However, the current building corresponds to a later reform, already in mid Gothic period, although it still resorts to the Romanesque construction.
The "Inquirições" [administrative enquiries] of 1258 indicate that D. Mendo de Sousa settled in the place of Vila Verde in 1258. The chapel would, most probably, be erected in the 13th century.
Martim Anes and his sister, Maria Anes, donated the Quintã of Vila Verde to the Monastery of Pombeiro, on the 20th February 1301.
Some details of the frescoes that we may admire today in the chancel were painted by Master Arnaus, in the 16th century. The tiling and plastering decorated with painting is still visible in the nave. The patron saint was Saint Mammes.

For a long time in ruins, without any roofing, the Church has suffered the effects of weather and neglect.  This neglect would have begun after 1866, when a new parish Church was built in Vila Verde. In 1959 it had already lost its roof.

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Austria - Bad Waltersdorf

Wappen von Bad Waltersdorf
The spa town of Bad Waltersdorf is a market town in the judicial district Fürstenfeld and in the political district Hartberg-Fürstenfeld in Styria .
Bad Waltersdorf is located halfway between the district capital Hartberg and Fürstenfeld , in the middle of the eastern Styrian hill country in Safental near the border to Burgenland .

úterý 16. ledna 2018

Russia - Pskov

Pskov  is a city and the administrative center of Pskov OblastRussia, located about 20 kilometers (12 mi) east from the Estonian border, on the Velikaya River
The Pskov Krom (or Pskov Kremlin) (RussianПсковский Кром) is an ancient citadel in PskovRussia. In the central part of the city, the Krom is located at the junction of the Velikaya River and smaller Pskova river. The citadel is of medieval origin, with the surrounding walls constructed starting in the late 15th century
The Krom was the administrative and spiritual centre of the Pskov Republic in the 15th century.
In 2010, two of the towers of the Krom (the Vlasyevskaya, which dates to the 15th or 16th century, and the Rybnitskaya, which dates to 13th or 14th) were damaged in a fire.

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Senegal - Kébémer

Kébémer is a town with commune status in Louga Region in north-west Senegal, lying midway between Thiès and Saint-Louis.
The town was founded in 1774 by a Marabout family.
View from Senegal..