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Portugal - Felgueiras

Felgueiras Coat of Arms
Felgueiras is a Portuguese city in the District of Porto , northern region and Tâmega sub-region , located in the parish of Margaride, Várzea, Lagares, Varziela and Moure . The municipality is limited to the northern city of Fafe , northeast of Celorico de Basto , southeast of Amarante , southwest byLousada and to the northwest by Vizela and Guimarães .
Church of Saint Mammes of Vila Verde
The most ancient documents refer the existence of a Church of Saint Mammes in 1220, then integrated in the patronage of the Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro.
However, the current building corresponds to a later reform, already in mid Gothic period, although it still resorts to the Romanesque construction.
The "Inquirições" [administrative enquiries] of 1258 indicate that D. Mendo de Sousa settled in the place of Vila Verde in 1258. The chapel would, most probably, be erected in the 13th century.
Martim Anes and his sister, Maria Anes, donated the Quintã of Vila Verde to the Monastery of Pombeiro, on the 20th February 1301.
Some details of the frescoes that we may admire today in the chancel were painted by Master Arnaus, in the 16th century. The tiling and plastering decorated with painting is still visible in the nave. The patron saint was Saint Mammes.

For a long time in ruins, without any roofing, the Church has suffered the effects of weather and neglect.  This neglect would have begun after 1866, when a new parish Church was built in Vila Verde. In 1959 it had already lost its roof.

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