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Thailand - Sangkhla Buri

Sangkhla Buri  is a district (amphoe) in Kanchanaburi Province in western Thailand.
Sangkhla Buri is in the far west of the province, on the Myanmar border. Three Pagodas Pass is the border crossing station to Myanmar. A large part of the district is covered by the Khao Laem Reservoir, an artificial lake formed by the Vajiralongkorn Dam on the Khwae Noi River.
Neighboring jurisdictions are (from the west clockwise) Tanintharyi DivisionMon State and Kayin State of MyanmarUmphang District of Tak Province, and Thong Pha Phum District of Kanchanaburi.
Wooden Mon Bridge it is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand and it was built for comfortable transportation of people living in Sangkhlaburi and Mon Villagers. Nowadays the bridge is closed for vehicles but you can still walk over the wooden bridge. The bridge is a popular place to see an unforgettable sunset or sunrise at the dam. You also can take a bath like the Mon kids.

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